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Our Name Says It All… We Specialize in Unique Curbing

As a professional Minnesota curbing installer, we maintain the necessary equipment, creative vision, and experienced skill to meet all of your landscape border needs.

Whether for your existing home or new construction, for your business or housing development, turn to the company that knows all the ins, outs, and options of continuous concrete curbing. Turn to Unique Curbing of Pierz, Minnesota.

The solutions we provide more than just replaces boring black plastic edging FOREVER! Continuous decorative concrete curbing is clean, boosts your home value, eliminates labor intensive yard work, and is affordable. There is nothing not to like about our curbing.

Our decorative landscape borders have the strength, longevity, and continuous nature of poured-in-place concrete. Concrete curbing will not rust like metals; will not decompose and crumble like wood; will not become weak and break like plastic; and will not move like brick or stone. Continuous concrete borders, installed by Unique Curbing, are a truly permanent edging solution that will last year in and year out.

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Continuous Borders

Our curbing is a continuous concrete border that is extruded on-site for both small and large applications — tree rings, along walkways, home perimeters, and more. When you opt to work with Unique Curbing, you will not be getting a pre-cast product. Our curbing is custom installed — mixed, colored, extruded, and stamped — right at your home or business. As a concrete product it is proven to last and maintain its beauty longer than other curbing alternatives.

Aerial photo of a home where continuous concrete borders were used to create rock and flower gardens around the entire permiter of the house.

Lawn Edging

When used as lawn edging, continuous curbing properly installed around your home, garage, shed, and other yard structures is the most efficient way to complete your lawn maintenance tasks. This is especially true with the Mower's Edge profile, but can be achieved with any of the curbing profiles that we offer. The Mower's Edge Profile is designed to allow the wheel of your lawn mower to ride along (on top of) the lower slanted edge of the curb while the higher edge acts as a natural guideline for your tire.

This allows for efficient lawn mowing without the need for regular trimming / edging afterwards. When installed for the specific purpose of lawn edging, we ensure that the curbing is installed flush with your lawn for complete use as a mower strip.

Close up of the lawn edging profile used to border a flower garden around the exterior of a house

At Unique Curbing we use pure, synthetic iron oxide pigments that will not affect the structural integrity of the concrete mix. The colors are weather resistant, lime-proof, and maintenance free… the perfect combination for outdoor use. We mix your pre-selected color right into the concrete mixture, ensuring that the color is the same all the way through.

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